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Despite facing debilitating traumatic events, a veteran police chief in a small West Texas town battles through the challenges of post-traumatic stress for the good of the community.


After accepting the police chief’s job in a small West Texas town, retired veteran officer John Garrison is thrust into complicated turmoil when he must confront his secretary’s estranged husband after he brutally assaults her. Still reeling from the consequences of that encounter, the chief and his veteran detective find themselves amid a murder investigation connected to the disappearance of a young woman from the town. Garrison suddenly realizes he’s back on the front lines of combating horrific crime and the debilitating trauma that comes with the job. Despite these challenges, he battles through them for the good of the town.

Director's Statement

This film, "A DARK DESTINY," is one I believe is important to bring to an audience in these modern times. The struggle of mental health affects all who experience trauma, including our law enforcement. After the capital riots, when two capital police committed suicide, I knew someone had to spotlight these regular human beings who are expected to be superhuman at low cost and low safety. Now, with the recent evil act in West Texas, this conversation resonates on a whole new level. Thank you for listening to and watching our film.

– Wendy Pennington


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